Our Story

There’s a real risk that we take ourselves too seriously, as individuals and organisations. We can become too invested in our own stories. We lose perspective and believe that we are our story. When that happens, we risk losing the plot and we might become powerless actors. Somebody else gives the cues. 

Rule # 6 helps to start writing the next chapter. For your business, your team or your life. Angle: empathy, lightness and rigour. And we might as well have some fun together while doing that. 

Somewhere between strategy and psychology lies a narrow path to success. Rule # 6 has helped find quite a few of those. Clients past and present include Royal DSM, Deloitte, Heineken as well as scale-ups and leading SME’s.


Purpose & Strategy – What’s the story behind your drive? What roadblocks have you conquered? What’s the next leap you want to make? What problem are you solving? Somewhere between strategy and psychology lies a narrow path to success. Rule # 6 helped find quite a few of those. 

Innovation – What are you tinkering on in your shed? How will it impact the world? What is needed to bring it in the real world? Between dream and realisation, a lot of good ideas don’t make it. Rule # 6 has the toolkit for creating traction. 

Performance – The stories we tell each other define us. So maybe, some parts are holding us back. What’s the next chapter you want to write? What happens when we deconstruct the narrative? What do we find? Rule # 6 helps crack the code.


We work with people on three levels:







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